When was the last time that you pushed the limits of your Comfort Zone?


Needless to say that Executive Coaching cannot and probably will not get you out of your comfort zone. That is something that, I believe, it is up to you and you alone.  More of this, I think that this concept became a little out-dated.

Executive Coaching in my experience can and will make you aware of your comfort zone, especially it will offer you the opportunity to feel, to see, to understand, to hear the reality of your comfort zone. The opportunity to somehow enlarge your vision on your comfort zone. And, when your vision becomes brightened and crystal clear, anything you imagine becomes possible.

One of my clients, with many executive leadership positions, wanted to gain more time for his endeavors. There is no training on time management to teach him how he could stretch all of his tasks and oncoming opportunities. In the end, it was the need to see with his own eyes the whole picture. The moment he identified his personal perspective, he gained clarity, and the rest is history.

He brought all aspects together under the same vision of life and work, in this context, all of the prioritization and time management issues became partners for him. It was not an issue of: “Get out of your comfort zone if you need to survive!”, it was something more of: “How does this impact your life seen as a whole? What’s really important for you?”. Understanding that some roles are more important than others and the way of leadership could mean different intensity of actions, all of those were discoveries to work with also out of the coaching program.

That could be seen as the comfort zone resized, rearranged, redecorated. Comfort zone.2. The effort and the drive were to work with what exists to make it more efficient, but at the same time to be aligned with the inner self. The focus is on becoming, not on smashing the comfort zone.

So, if your boss, your team, your family, your context of personal and professional development point you to your comfort zone, maybe you need to understand better what’s going on, what are your principles, your way of being, and after considering all of this, you can decide if it is the boundaries of your comfort zone that need adjustments or it is just a fine refinement on your actions.


A penny for your thought… What do you think about the Comfort Zone? Please, Share with us in a Comment!

Published by Cătălin Maxim

I am an Executive Coach and Systemic Team Coach. Since 2010, I contribute to the professional development of my clients and I am rewarded big time by these professional relationships. I aim to proactively contribute to Coaching Culture in organizations.

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