My name is Cătălin Maxim. Acting Executive Coach, I am a passionate ambassador of each of us as leaders willing to share our desire to develop as professionals and as human beings as a whole. I believe the world would be better if we are advocates of sharing our authenticity and our best practices. Our life would be fulfilled and others would be more inspired to do the same.

I’m a Musician

When I was young enough to visualize the music, I started to listen to music and to sing first for myself, and after a while, I started to sing in choirs. I still do. What music taught me in terms of Coaching is that music reveals authenticity in many ways and if you are willing to learn to listen to music, you will learn to listen to people the way that connects you to their inner authenticity.

Each of us is playing music in life and profession and I get thrilled when I am fortunate enough to understand the score and the specific interpretation that moves those around it. Music, I think, is about not being a perfect score player, is about creating something that moves the souls of your audience.

That’s one reason for choosing a listener path in my life throughout my entire career.

I’m a Wordy Nerdy

I spent a lot of time with academics and I understood that the way of reasoning a point of view tells a lot about intention in the first place. And the intention is wired to the authenticity at the moment, at the subject and at the personal values. The words we use in conversations usually create the path that we are aiming for at that particular moment.

I am looking at the way my dialogue partner is expressing his/her thoughts and feelings, the words used, the power that resonates from all of this, and I am focusing on the message delivered in order to help him/her make the quantum leap of faith in his/her natural best version that he/she is or want to become.

I’m a Philosopher

You won’t find me in Philosophy books and I don’t intend to. But I love learning about ethics and values that drive spectacular changes for the human being. And at the same time, I love learning how to overcome our inner saboteurs, to understand how to create the place and time for passing from what’s keeping us grounded to a lifeless life to a mindfulness context.

I know for a fact that each of us is designing and acting on our present and future. I want to assist you in your special journey to make it smooth, valuable and authentic.

I am a Deepening Fellow

I am doing business analytically. I work in the financial industry for more than a decade, so when dealing with people’s money it is very important to perfectly understand the situation and the desired future for creating profit situations. The tremendous development opportunities that are waiting for us are to be evaluated from the proper perspective.

My most valuable learning from this experience is that Action Moment is the key and it is different for each of us. And it is usually determined by engagement in a specific future behavior. When all your actions are aligned with your inner values, Action is just a natural consequence.

Well, now it is your turn! I invite you to engage with my vision in the full discovery of your most inspired self that will make the difference that is important to you in the world.

Will you join me in this tribe?

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