How often do you feel that there are a lot different way of acting with each of the persons you encounter, you work with, you aim for?


The good news is that we live in different generations, with a different way of leadership style in life and business. And this is good news in terms of opportunities that lay down for us. It is good news in terms of finding someone who already achieved what we are striving for, and therefore there is at least one way of reaching our objectives. It is good news even for those who aim the novelty, who search for the creative part of life.

My vision on coaching, from the first day I get it, was that it is an effective and revolutionary motivation method, I thought, for all levels. In his professional form, years ago, I found that it was offered only to the C level, meanwhile, the first levels of professional levels were offered a very light form, more of micromanagement combined with a certain motivation process and a little training on the job. At least that was my experience in the corporate environment at the beginning of my career.

I was glad to find that this intuition of mine became something very palpable in these days when I found from my clients and from the press that this is the future for coaching. An international trend and a local one, in my experience, would say that Executive Coaching will be used for employees and leadership positions, not only for the C level in organizations. The efficiency proved daily in ROI is a powerful reason for including Executive Coaching in budgeting.

Many members of the Business Consultants Industry expressed that in their professional activity Executive Coaching would make a difference in implementing their results focused solutions in terms of accelerating processes and a more natural internalization. And a lot of Executive Business Consultants are looking to extend their abilities by acquiring Executive Coaching certification of some sort.

Performance Catalyser, I believe this could be another way of looking at Executive Coaching in any performance context. This could mean that there are many new resources to use, that they are at our hand and they are waiting to be accessed when used on all levels in organizations.

No man left behind!” is the new way of team management when considering Learning and Development applied to an organization. In my practice, I found that many leaders ignore this resource that could bring a lot of bright new ideas for businesses in terms of vision and a fresh perspective that if properly tested, could mean transfiguration of businesses.

In many situations, my clients gained quality time with their family and team, just by adding Executive Coaching in daily tasks for their teams along with serious improvements in profits, cutting costs, market share, and business exposure. In the long run, they switched the way of doing business to more efficient, meaning and pleasant leadership.


Do you use Executive Coaching in your organization as a permanent management tool?

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Published by Cătălin Maxim

I am an Executive Coach and Systemic Team Coach. Since 2010, I contribute to the professional development of my clients and I am rewarded big time by these professional relationships. I aim to proactively contribute to Coaching Culture in organizations.

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