What is it that makes Corporate shine like that?


There was a time when Corporate Profile was something to strive for, and still is.

Because of the professional look, feel and relation. There is something reassuring when meeting a professional that the issue will be addressed and solved in the best possible known way and in the right time.

A lot of motivational interventions point a relatively new and exciting vision on businesses. When a corporate fellow switch tranches from corporate to personal business.

There is a point in any career when enough experience has built a lot of abilities in one professional that empower him/her to make a bold decision to turn to build a personal business in his/her domain. The professional would make such a decision driven by a specific idea or vision that he/she finds it to be a winner for the market.

Or, there is a totally different path that is in need to follow.

Either way, there is a lot of courage to leave a perfect crafted environment for success and try a new one. There are a lot of fears to beat and many others to learn how to deal with.

That is a new way of imagining success, to create a new one, to define and follow a new path of success, individualized and out of the box.

There are some different environments, also perfectly crafted for a successful career, one of them is the political system, another one is the functional state and his institutions, and the most obvious one is sportive performance.

We will address the corporate environment although many things are interchangeable.

It is easy to find how succeeded most of the world successful businessmen, they are perfect storytellers, and there is a lot of specific literature to underline their path.

Most of the entrepreneurs that switched tranches from corporate, found that their creativity in business would be better used when flying solo. There are many corporate projects that turn into perfect entrepreneurial businesses. The creativity and freedom of accessing different sources and resources beat the uncertainty of predictability in corporate business. And the reward is very different in feeling.

When accessing Executive Coaching for this guys becomes an option?

Few of them consider Coaching in the early stages of business beginnings, most of them contract an Executive Coaching Program when in the development phase, when things usually become a little too harsh to balance. And when the Consultancy Program that costs a lot gets hard to implement, meeting a lot of resistance to change.

That’s the point they look in any directions to make things move forward, and coaching becomes an option. Usually, an assessment would offer the perfect solution, an Executive Coaching Program or a Systemic Team Coaching Program, or maybe something more complex.

There is something ironic in this, usually, they tend to transform their business in the corporate environment that they left it years ago somehow, blocking most of the time that creativity that sets them free as a principle.


Is there something that resonates with you?

Please, share with us, too!



Published by Cătălin Maxim

I am an Executive Coach and Systemic Team Coach. Since 2010, I contribute to the professional development of my clients and I am rewarded big time by these professional relationships. I aim to proactively contribute to Coaching Culture in organizations.

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