Coaching Skills Certificate

Are you new to the idea of Coaching? Do you want to get the real taste of a professional coaching sessions from the perspective of an Executive Coach or Coaching Client?

Are you testing the idea to become a Professional Coach? This would be perfect for you to get all the answers throughout this rewarding profession, Executive Coach.

Are you looking to improve your leadership skills and to add significant value to your communication strategy and style? This Training is designed to level-up your skills.

Perfectly suited for those who aim to improve dramatically their interpersonal skills, also for those who intend to step with the right foot in this profession, this Coaching Skills Certificate would give you the perfect transition to level-up your interest.

I am Co-Tutor for this program of AoEC Romania. Since I discovered Executive Coaching and integrated to my daily practice, I changed my perspective on the interactions I have with my teams, clients, board, and overall my professional life. And I became an Ambassador of awareness for this fascinating vision on life.

Reach to me to make you aware of the things that could get you a few levels-up in your professional and personal life.

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