Would you think that the Executive Coaching Process is beneficiary for the Client in terms of real progress toward his performance goals?

I know it is.

More of this, I came to understand that every single encounter that it is happening in Coaching is building me as a Professional as well as it is helping my Client. And that is why I chose Coaching as a personal and professional development strategy almost all the time.

“Now I understand this Coaching of yours!”

In my practice, I find different experiences that my clients offer themselves to make the progress more effective and earlier than they thought initially they can. And a very funny fact, this progress usually it is coming from an unexpected area of their life. This creates an invitation for them to reflect deeper on themselves in order to access the power that they believed that they lost it somehow.

One of my clients said to me after a session, nearly toward the final session of the program, “Now I understand this Coaching of yours!”

Well, it was the first time that he realized that he can reduplicate the coaching process by his own, on a certain extent, and that was his most important learning for him after working with me on a specific subject. The way he would ask himself the relevant questions about his resources was a game changer.

I personally consider this as a successful program, when my client’s learning surpass his initial expectation on contracting me for Executive Coaching. This is happening on a regular basis, with almost all my coaching clients, and I find this very rewarding on a personal and professional level.

The Here and Now space and time created by an Executive Coaching Program, that unfold a happening future, based on personal and professional values, I consider a great professional and personal asset, and the responsibility to make it available for all my clients is becoming a personal belief for me.

“What would you take it with you from this session?”

So, the question “What would you take it with you from this session/program, that you consider being the best learning for you?” is mandatory for the Executive Coach to allow the client to make the leap of faith in his progress toward his performance.

This is part of the Executive Coaching Process that I use and I will continue to use for all my clients.

In Leadership positions, as well as in Mentoring, Management or other MC situations, this question could translate in many forms, but always is a trigger of action, I found. It could be the “What’s the first step?” in any team meeting to “What’s the most important thing that you will act on from this training?”.

I encourage you to use it and let me know if this is working for you too.

“If you want to understand, Act!”

If you want to gain access to your resources in the best possible way, resources that you are not still aware of, or resources that you did cover with all the mundane routine, reach out to me and ask me how can you do it for you to become the best possible version of you, on a professional level.

So, What would you take it from this blog post to boost your performance? Feel free to share with us, too!


Published by Cătălin Maxim

I am an Executive Coach and Systemic Team Coach. Since 2010, I contribute to the professional development of my clients and I am rewarded big time by these professional relationships. I aim to proactively contribute to Coaching Culture in organizations.

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