Executive Coaching – the power of a Reward

The corporate environment has its benefits. The many complicated schemes for rewarding employees are a constant preoccupation for HR, in order to offer the perfect place for performance.

Working with ambition and passion, many years ago I was rewarded by my manager with an Executive Coaching Certificate Program due to my contribution to teams effort and results.

So, I decided to be one of the students in an Executive Coaching Certificate Program, related to Professional Coaching, I must admit, in the beginning, just out of pure curiosity.

I was studying this subject for quite a long time.  I was experimenting on my self the power of Coaching in organizations as an internal client and also as a manager I was delivering Coaching session related to specific sales management tasks for my teams. So, the promise to meet a professional external point of view on the subject of Coaching, especially on Executive Coaching, was intriguing enough.

So, there I was once again a student in a classroom full of professionals in many domains, wanting to understand at first and to internalize the skills, for a better practice.

I encountered this training program and it was challenging for me to first position myself as a student when years of managing successful teams and training experience built in me a range of reluctance to new visions of doing things. But, once again, I trusted the process.

  1. My first discovery was powerful, Executive Coaching, and professional Coaching in general, is a process of continuous practice, for the one who offers Coaching.
  2. Secondly, I realized that I was applying with certain results a set of skills used by professional coaches, but there was a big difference in the quality of practice these skills, and I was lacking other powerful skills, also. The results that I was aiming for could drastically improve by building up the muscle skills, by practicing under certain supervision and training with a skilled eye, that could offer a competent feed-forward.
  3. Listening was what I did all my management and sales professional life by then, so there were not so many secrets that I could find to improve my listening skill. However, there was the moment when I started to understand that listening was very much related in an intricate way to accompanying the person in front of me.
  4. I understand that Executive Coaching is a process for the leadership positions in any organization, so toward the board, with the biggest impact on businesses. But this process can produce an immediate result and a quantifiable one, and that was a powerful discovery in the run.
  5. After this training program, the next few months, some of the things that took place were rising me in the form of learning about me and my practice as an Executive Coach, who reflects on practice and gain more depths of it.

I think that was the moment when I shifted gears and took the decision to walk on the path offered by this fantastic instrument and bring it into my life, in his professional training.

In my practice, I met Corporate clients that contacted me for their key employees when offering them new leadership positions. The need for a smooth transition for the new status quo and new leadership and managerial tasks it is usually addressed through Executive Coaching and Mentorship. This is a ‘gift’ for installing the new leader offered generously by the company.

And this is a fantastic field to work with as an Executive Coach for me. The challenges for these clients are located on efficient delegating, embracing creativity for new vision and solutions, using resources for development, empowering people for performance that they already tested, personal space and time. 

Working with me as an external Executive Coach offers the new leader the tools for bringing in the company a fresh new look and feel, that is a new resource. The Mentoring program usually paired through HR with Executive Coaching makes a complete Transition Program meant for success in the short and long run.


How do you secure your company future by promoting new leaders? What specific Actions do you take to make sure this is a winner decision? Please share with us!