The best version of you

You’ll often hear in Coaching “to become the best version of you”. But what does it mean really?


Any typical Executive Coaching process would offer the possibility to become the best version of you in that particular situations brought to the coaching session when in need of performance boosting. That could mean alignment with your inner values and with the leadership position’s values. It also could mean to deepen the presence into the now and here, and this is linked with accessing all the relevant resources at hand or the creative part of business and life.


So, let me share with you a simplified case study on this subject of a client of mine some years ago.

The powerful leader of an important industrial organization received the task of salvaging an important factory in debts. He managed to complete successfully this task, more of he extended its activity on the international market in a short amount of time and managed to make it profitable. The personal costs were huge, but he looked at the broader image and made it acceptable. The Group took another opportunity on the project at some point and made the decision of selling the property. Our leader left the company for an entrepreneurial endeavor.

In this general context, he contacted me for evaluating his opportunities to develop the initial project. He put on the table all of his core values to help the people in the company by making it profitable. The issue for reflection was the alignment with the group values, that remained static, while his values transitioned to a more dynamic vision of things. In time, this development was the strong learning that took him to embrace the entrepreneurial path and leaving the organization.

Being a sharp leader, he used wisely all the resources at hand and bringing in a new management team, he achieved the profit landmark within 5 months, way more quickly than the timeframe offered by the Group. The communication with the Group suffered by this natural evolving vision on the company he had to save and the fast development and growing of the company became somehow a different agenda for the Group.

Our action hero learned about himself that there is more important to be in line with his values that reflected a more ethical agenda in action than different interests manifested in business.

My stretch with this particular case with this fantastic business leader was to challenge him to use his sharp mind in a reflective and integrative way so he can bring in business his vision of life, that could offer so many resources for the case. The Action Man felt the advantage that the periodic introspection could raise his awareness on the business and on his way of doing things. He became his best version.


Many professionals tend to access their best version of themselves when given time and space to do it and this is naturally a consistent contribution to their business in particular. The important part of this process is that becoming the best version of you is usually a self-discovery accompanied (usually by a coach) or not, but absolutely through reflective methods.


How do you manage to be the best version of yourself throughout the daily routine? Please share with us!